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We’ve found that people are using the Lost Communities of Virginia book to tour the state, but there are many more fascinating places than we had room for in the book. Lost Communities of Virginia Tour Guides introduce travelers to lesser known aspects of Virginia history by providing backroad routes to lost communities. Communities along the routes reveal physical remnants of once thriving communities along with unique areas to explore and visit that whisper a sense of Virginia’s history and character.

3 brochure covers about the Lost Communities of Virginia


The tour guides are brochures covering a few counties at a time via rural roads, with historical information and points of interest highlighted, along with a detailed map showing the tour route.


It is envisioned that these brochures will become a guidebook that seeks to bring to life the past and present characters of Virginia’s lost communities by providing the traveler with a historical sketch of each community written in the words of its residents. Accented by a general narrative of the trends and movements of Virginia and U.S. history, the book will highlight those moments in time that make each community a unique part of our shared American story.

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